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dental careDental health should be taken care of properly by you to maintain a healthy body. Teeth are definitely the assets of one’s body that help to look you beautiful with your bright smile. You can live a long, pain-free and healthy life if you visit the dentist for regular check-ups. Your teeth should be maintained and a good dental care routine should be developed by you early in life to keep your teeth healthy. You should also eat a healthy diet, practice good oral hygiene and consult a professional dentist in order to keep your teeth maintained.

QV Dental is one of the best clinics of cosmetic dentist Melbourne. The young, highly experienced and professional team of QV Dental can help to provide you fresh dental care with the help of the latest techniques, technology and instruments.

Some of the services of QV Dental are described as follows –

  • Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry helps to improve the appearance of your teeth by maintaining their healthy state.All the dentists of QV Dental aim to make the patient feel and look good. Teeth play a major role in enhancing the appearance of a person. A wide range of porcelain, zirconia, ceramic and composite restoration is used by the team of QVDental.All the services thesedentistsprovide are highly functional that finally help to make you look good. These restorations include braces, cleaning, bleaching, crown, implants and composite bonding of porcelain and resin.

The cosmetic package of QVDental also includes dentures in it. Amalgam has also been used extensively by the dentist to improve the appearance of your teeth. A dentist should be consulted whenever you want to improve the look of your teeth so that you can be offered with a full range of dental options.

  • Teeth whitening

Bleaching is a non-invasive procedure by which your natural teeth can be brightened up. These procedures are offered by QV Dental for 15 years and these are considered as the best dental services in Melbourne. Wearing two custom made trays on your lower and upper set of teeth is involved in Pola Day/Pola Night. It isa take home bleach. You have to wear this trays for 30 minutes only two times a day. Two appointments are needed for this procedure.

You will be contacted by the dentist on your first appointment for assessing the condition of your teeth. The dentist will offer you the instructions about how to wear bleach trays on your second appointment.

  • Dental Implants

A loss natural teeth can be replaced with the help of dental implants. Natural teeth are stimulated in function and appearance by theseimplants. There are three components that the dental implants consist of. They are porcelain crown,abutment and the titanium implant. The root portions of teeth are stimulated by dental implants.It helps to hold the teeth tightly in their respective places.

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