Madison Dental Designs for all you dental needs

dental care servicesHaving a good dentist in close contact is always of great help. Dental care services are extremely important and Madison NJ Dentist can take care of everything from cosmetic dentistry, gum, implants to emergency care & more.

Dr. Vitarelli of Madison Dental Designs herself takes care of all these dental services. The numerous dental services offered by Madison Designs are explained below.

Root Canals – Sometimes tooth decay can be very close to the tooth nerve. Under these conditions a root canal becomes necessary. If the decay is caught early they can also be treated by herbal remedies and the root canal procedure can be avoided.

Dental Examination – Cavities and gum disease can only be prevented by examinations and cleaning every 6 months. Madison Dental Designs also include an oral cancer screening in these examinations.

Implants – Implants are a great option for patients who are interested in replacing missing teeth. Implants not only replace the missing tooth or teeth, but also the roots as well. This helps in providing complete stability and a natural look and feel.

Extractions and Cavitation – Patients having teeth with poor prognosis may need dental extractions. Madison Dental discusses further treatment options regarding replacement of the missing tooth/teeth.

Dentures – Dentures are another treatment option to implants for replacing missing teeth. This can feel natural, and at the same time, offer a more balanced occlusion. This balance will improve chewing function and speech.

Dental Veneers – Dental Veneers are a great way to improve your smile. When the teeth are chipped, crooked, stained or if gaps are present, veneers will make one look completely natural having a beautiful smile.

Periodontal – If a patient realizes that there is an excessive amount of tartar, plaque and bleeding of the gingival tissue they will benefit greatly from more frequent cleanings.

Caps and Crowns – Caps and crowns can help restore the natural looking tooth. These crowns or bridges help restore the smile that has gone missing. Bridges are tooth replacements that are attached to adjoining natural teeth.

White Filling – Madison Dental Designs offer tooth-colored porcelain or composite filling that can be matched to the shade of patient’s teeth. These fillings can be done in a single visit. Their office is mercury free.

Their team Dr. Jennifer Vitarelli, Joanna Tso and Emily Hagdorn are well equipped and experienced with accomplishing all the above listed dental services. Dr. Vitarelli is a resident of Madison, New Jersey and takes pride in being involved in their community.

Madison Dental Designs is keenly aware of the needs of their patients and Dr. Vitarelli ensures all her patients are taken care of. They listen to their patients’ problems and explain them their treatment options. Their office emphasizes in a family oriented environment that focuses on patient comfort. Good dentistry care is provided by them to all family members, including children who are over 4 years of age. The mission of Madison Dental Design is to help achieve optimum oral wellness for a lifetime of healthy teeth.